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Joan is one of the very best agents in the DC metro area! She will be your trusted friend and advisor throughout your home buying or selling journey.

Joan’s wealth of experience will help you find the home that is right for you, at the right price, and she will guide you every step of the way. She is well connected with the best people and resources in the industry, giving you a smooth process with a lot less stress.

Joan’s customer service is exceptional! You wouldn’t know she has dozens of clients because she treats you like you’re her only one. Whether you’re looking to buy a $300K home or a $1M home (she has helped me do both), she will treat you like you’re a multi-million dollar client.

What I love most about Joan is that she is always on my side, like family. She has a keen eye, pointing out many positive and negative qualities about a house. If she doesn’t think a house is right for you, she’ll be very honest about why. She’s not trying to make a quick commission and move on to the next customer. She wants you to be happy and love your new home.

I recommend Joan to all my friends and family and I highly recommend her to you as well. When you work with her, you will quickly discover why hiring a real-estate agent is worth every penny.